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How to pitch a business idea

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The skill of business presentation is of crucial importance for the business success of an individual. Presentation is at least as important for the success and acceptance of a business offer or idea as the idea, i.e. offer itself. Despite this, very few business presentations that take place in daily business life manage to avoid the 5 cardinal presentation mistakes: unclear point, unclear usefulness for the audience, unclear sequence, too many details, and excessive duration.

In cooperation with the mentors in our incubator, we try to prepare our teams for pointing out the most important parts of their project in a few minutes by practicing in front of the mentors in order to somewhat prepare themselves for the wider public, i.e. a potential investor in the near future. Until now, we had 3 presentation workshops and we intend to organise such workshops as often as possible by the end of the incubation since they do not require that much preparation from the teams.

The Startup Incubator tries to train them, encourage them and give them guidelines so that their performance would be the best possible and, which is most important, so that they would accomplish the set objective.

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