STARTUP Incubator Rijeka


The first STARTUP incubator in Rijeka is a pilot project of the City of Rijeka intended for students of the university and polytechnics and for young persons or teams of up to 29 years of age. This is the third incubator in Rijeka, but the first one that stimulates the development of entrepreneurship with young people, who can thus acquire their first work experiences.

STARTUP Incubator Rijeka stretches over 270 m2 in Ružićeva 14 and offers free space and free counselling and mentor support to users in the pre-incubation period of 6 months.

STARTUP Incubator Rijeka
Ružićeva 14, HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia
T +385.51.209.940
F +385.51.209.589

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