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About us

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STARTUP Incubator Rijeka is the new entrepreneurial infrastructure of the City of Rijeka and, unlike the already known incubators, users of this programme do not need to be economic subjects.

With the STARTUP Incubator, Rijeka also has the Entrepreneurial incubator Rujevica and the Entrepreneurial incubator Torpedo, which currently have 150 users. Unlike those two incubators, ideas in STARTUP Rijeka can be realised even without starting your own company, which is the precondition for the use in the first two Rijeka-based incubators.

The basic objective of the STARTUP incubator is to create a stimulating environment for self-employment of the young generation through the realisation of their own business ideas, raising work competences for employability of the young and influencing the development of the entrepreneurial culture of the young.

Users of STARTUP Rijeka are young people and their teams, with knowledge and ideas in the field of information technologies, computer applications, industrial design and, and students from various scientific and other fields. Professional aid in the realisation of their ideas is ensured in the form of mentors who are experts coming from economic subjects or the university community.

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