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Promotion of the 5th generation of attendants of K.E.Š. in Start-Up

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The promotion of the 5th generation of attendants of the Creative-educational school (K.E.Š.) for young entrepreneurs was held yesterday in the premises of the new entrepreneurial incubator for the young – Start-up in Ružićeva 14.

The City of Rijeka, in cooperation with the Youth House and with the help of the schools in Rijeka working on the animation of future programme attendants, successfully carried out this programme cycle of the regular workshops of K.E.Š. During the 29 workshops that lasted 58 school hours, the attendants developed their creativity, communication skills, presentation and negotiation skills, and developed attitudes about entrepreneurship.

They acquired knowledge about entrepreneurship by learning through set cases, in which entrepreneurs from Rijeka, Tabletop and Kreativni odjel, helped them. Erste klub za mlade (Erste youth club) welcomed them in its premises, where they learned everything about the modern ways of payment and invoices.

This year K.E.Š. carried out a part of the workshops with interns from the EU, who were brought as guests by AIESEC. Together they also successfully carried out two workshops in English, with the subjects “Teamwork and soft skills” and “Business plan”. Since the programme is constantly adjusted to the new environmental conditions, and the Republic of Croatia will soon accede to the EU, a part of the programme will be carried out in English in the future, because this was shown to be a challenge which K.E.Š. attendants can handle.

In the final workshop attendants presented the acquired knowledge before the programme and workshop leaders. Their performance was recorded and presented at the promotion itself, during which report cards and certificates of participation in the programme were awarded.

The parents present at the event also expressed their satisfaction with the accomplished results and brought future attendants of K.E.Š. to the promotion.

The young attendants of K.E.Š. also received information about the possibilities that the City of Rijeka offers to the young through Start-up Incubator. They visited their slightly older peers who work on the development of their entrepreneurial ideas and expressed their intention to design their own entrepreneurial ideas as soon as possible and develop them in Start-up. (V.L.)

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